Monday, September 30, 2013

Systematic failure [out of touch]

Good Monday morning all, at least I hope it's good for the most of you, but does'nt it seem that Mondays just blaze by?, that's a good thing right? Logging on this morning I could'nt help but notice yahoo's headlines, as hard as I try to avoid the news, I still bump into it occasionally logging on and seeing yahoo's home page, the news is everywhere, you practically have to isolate yourself in a frozen wasteland to avoid it, and that includes no internet connection. Here in the USA, the media rules, and it's poison spreads like wildfire, keeping us focused on the problems rather than the solutions, because as long as we're focused on how bad things are, we can't EVEN harness our own powers of perception to focus on solutions or making a difference, and thus lies the real problem, making us believe we are powerless to make any real changes, or just thinking to ourselves, ''what's the use?''. While I'm not a political activist, or a protester of any kind, I've grown very aware of the role the media plays in our society, and I choose to just not pay any attention to it, in the past it was the first thing I woke up to, the local news, at work, talk radio was my link to all things rotten in the world, by the end of the day, I had absorbed enough negativity to lose sleep that night, only to repeat the cycle over and over, this went on year after year draining me endlessly of my personal power, I even fell asleep to the news on AM radio every night!, this garbage was seeping into my subconscious and I was allowing it, and every day I awoke the first thought that came to my head was the world was going to hell, and I needed more news to see what would happen next, so on my commute to work?, you guessed it, more news, followed by talk radio, about the news, what a vicious cycle! Looking back I was having all of my power sucked out of me, before long it had complete control of me like an addict to a drug. When I took back my personal power, one of the first habbits I ''kicked'' was watching the news, and it was'nt hard to do, I knew the whole reason for the news, to control what I thought, to take away my personal power, and to leave me writhing in hopelessness, because as long as I was aware of how bad things were, I was afraid, so I felt I needed to be ''tuned in'' to make sure tomorrow would come, looking for answers from the very thing that kept me questioning everything that was going on not only in the world, but my little fearful world as well. We need to turn inward instead of outward, the news is there to keep us informed yes,and I do tend to catch the weather forecast, but that's where it stops, If something bad enough is happening in the world, I'll find out eventually, but to inundate oneself constantly is very unhealthy, we can't control everything that happens so why pay attention to it. I believe the best way to be happy is to avoid the news, even if everything seems wrong in the world we can make it right by avoiding the news and getting happy now, that's how we change the world, that's focusing on the solution, you won't believe the impact that one positive person has on collective consciousness as a whole, and the more the merrier. Some will tune in to the news hoping for a change for the better, or to see if political leaders can solve issues and settle differences, but most of them are out of touch with humanity as a whole, and lean towards selfishness, power, and personal gains, taking away rather than giving. You see, we have the power to change things for the better, each and every one of us, this is'nt about forming a revolution, it's about re-claiming our power, one person at a time if need be, as individuals, we need to envision a better world instead of watching the horrible images the media throws our way every hour of the day. It's no wonder so many walk around angry in these times. I know the world is no walk in the park, but if we changed our perception, and avoided the news, there would be a radical shift in global consciousness, and even that is beginning to happen now as it is. I get angry sometimes I'll admit, but not at what's going on that's bad in the world, but all the fear mongering that's spreading in all sectors of the media, here it is in a nutshell, want to save the planet?, get happy now, and LOSE THE NEWS! back soon friends!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Good Friday everyone! I'ts been awhile since my last post, inspiration had faded out a little but thank you source energy for bringing it back, and it's back in the form of, well, let's just say I'm going to throw a little rant, albeit on the positive side. Lately I've had some very interesting people approach me out of the blue, I believe law of attraction will bring those to us as of like vibrations, and even more to show us there is something we need to learn in the process of growth. These people that I've encountered lately have mostly been the elderly, and while young I never paid much attention, let alone care about the elderly, now that is all changing, and now that I'm approaching fifty years young soon, I'm learning a great deal about the baby boomer, after all, I'm a ''border boomer'' myself! Now the rant part, it's unfair how society treats our elderly, most are living on small and fixed incomes, they've worked hard all their lives only to instead of enjoying their golden years, they have to continue to work to survive, their pensions have been stolen, and they are almost outcasted from society, we would'nt enjoy the freedoms and live the lives we lead if it were'nt for the elderly, and the healthcare for them, I don't even want to go there! They fought wars for us and our veterans are not getting the help they richly deserve, instead they are given perscription drugs with terrible side-effects, and some even end up homeless. I've spoken to many in the past few years, and there are two kinds, those that are angry and bitter, [who can blame them] and those that are just damn happy no matter what, lately it's been the latter, polite, optimistic, and interesting to talk to, I could share and learn wisdom with them for hours! But now where do the elderly fit in with the new age?, the new awareness?, I believe the boomers of today are more important than ever, we need their experience and wisdom, they've seen and learned alot during their lifetimes, and we can learn something from them. The boomers of today are facing challenges, and while they do exist, it's good to age gracefully, to allow wisdom to settle in, and be full of compassion towards everyone, although it can be frustrating keeping up with rapid changes in our society, and even worse the policies that don't help our elderly with the healthcare they need, I've encountered seniors who, despite all these challenges, have a zest for life, who are very positive and have more drive and energy than those half their age, who refuse to let age slow them down! How interesting they are!, I feed off of this kind of energy, and even though I still have some of my wild youth traits, I also like the things our elders have to say, and I'm learning from it, there is a connection I'm beginning to see and feel, and I'll take all the wisdom I can get, because even though things have changed over the years, alot of seniors are embracing their spiritual side, and these are the most happiest and successful I've ever met,here we have mentors and role models all around us, yet we fail to notice them, instead we look to the rich and famous and pop culture as role models, totally unaware that all the advice and knowledge and wisdom we'll ever need is always readily available to us if we want it, and that comes from our elderly. The Native Americans knew this, always consulting their chiefs and elders on any decision or advice, it was their wisdom and spirituality that guided their tribes through the worst of times, and the best of times, all decisions were made by the elders, even other ancient cultures believed this. Ranting aside, this is the age of changes, but also the age of the boomers, and the ways of aging are changing, ''getting old'' is'nt fitting into the new ways of thinking, while aging gracefully and gaining wisdom fits much better. For myself, I'm not afraid of aging, I've changed my perception of aging and embrace the wisdom and knowledge that will come with it, the second half of my life is the greatest part of my journey, and it has many experiences and rewards, I hold no fear to growing old, as I'm growing wiser and keeping my youth. So a shout out to our elderly, they deserve much more than we could ever imagine, and there is a purpose for everything, we need not look far for wisdom and advice, it's all around us, so smile, open a door, and greet them with respect, you might learn something!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Greetings everyone! Fall is in the air and with change of season comes change in everything. I enjoy the fall season, I enjoy the colors and the gearing up of the holiday season, the hot weather passes and the moods lighten, the air is ripe for positive changes and the timing could'nt be more perfect. While on the eve of my greatest manifestations the issue of timing becomes clear, and as the saying goes, everything has a time, and as we know, time here on planet earth differs that of time to source energy. When we come to understand timing related to deliberate creation, it becomes alot easier to trust in this process, to detach from the outcome, and allow things to unfold naturally. To get to this place of trust takes time, patience, and total detachment. I've written about this subject in past postings, but as your manifestations unfold you will begin to see and understand why time was needed for the manifestation to take place, even when we know beyond doubt that we are fully alligned with what we want, there still may be certain events and circumstances that the universe has to put in place before manifestations can occur, so there will be partial and near-manifestations that will come, but don't fret, this does NOT mean we've missed the boat, it just means we are getting close to wish fulfillment. Some of the readers may be experiencing this, I have and it use to worry me, but know this, our wonderful universe already has it all figured out, it even has a backup plan, friends, you can't stop a desire from coming, once it's launched it's done, we only delay it's arrival until we're alligned to it, then it manifests. Now how long it takes to manifest depends on how long it takes to get into allignment, that simple?, well, there is always blockages to remove and limited beliefs, and that's where consistency and perseverence are of paramount to self mastery, and dedication to this practice goes without saying, it must be integrated into your everyday life. Timing is a tricky devil in conscious creation, especially in a society of instant gratification, that in of itself is a huge challenge, and that alone will take time to master, see what I'm getting at?, this takes time! I do not wish to discourage any readers out there, it has taken me over three years to allign to my rockets of desire, and during this time, new ones were launched, some were undecided and changed, some needed time, contrast and clarity for allignment, all factors of time. We want it and we want it now! but do we really? getting something too soon can cause more harm than good, the universe ''knows'' this, not us, how could we possibly? After manifestation has occured, we will begin to see why it took the time it needed to take for desires to become physical, but we must trust this timing now, because in the unseen scope of things it is all coming together. As I write this it is a reminder to me as well to trust in my timing, here on planet earth it can get frustrating waiting for something to happen, but relief comes when we trust that the longer it takes the better it's going to be, and in most cases it will! We can try to play connect the manifesting dots, but thats a game we can't win, only AFTER wish fulfillment can this happen, any attempts to micro-manage this process throws a wrench into a perfectly designed mechanism! Every thing has a time, for everything there is a season, and it all happens FOR a reason, and not before, it's how everything is designed, it's a universal law, when we understand and work with it anything is MORE than posible. In closing trust your timing, know that everything is unfolding perfectly because it truly is, rest knowing that it's even better than you could have imagined and it will astonish you and come in perfect timing! Until again friends!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ahead of the pack

Good morning all, it's 5:30 am here in San Diego, I woke up realizing that it was time to create a new post, which leaped me out of bed and into action,[sipping espresso]and waking up fast! I'm going to cut to the chase on this one, mind you, without the ego having any play here, I'm the real deal, and I've always separated myself from the mainstream and trends that have came and gone through the years, being original has ALWAYS been something that I am and continue to be, and even now, I'm embracing this trait even more, and I'm finding it of the greatest benefit in my journey. While I believe in live and let live, to each their own, I'm forging a new path, one not taken before by me or no one else, and even as I stumble once in awhile, I re-invent myself and push forward. While being in allignment it's amazing all these ideas that come to me, I'm thinking things I've never thought of before, ideas and inspiration are flowing in, and opportunity presents itself begging for attention, and there I am thinking to myself, ''wow, that's a cool idea, but this is what I really prefer'', choices, choices, and they do come! So often we want to be like or do what others do, and I think it's good to have a role model or be inspired by someone, but that's just not me, and creation wise, it's opening doors to new things un-tried for me personally. Ever since I started learning reality creation, I did it MY way, I did'nt invest in programs, audios, subliminal CD's, or attend workshops and seminars, I just watched The Secret and off I went, I was tempted many times to get some coaching or order a so-called proven program, but I told myself over and over that I would do this my own way, and over 3 years later I'm still implementing my own style into reality creation, has it worked? yes, in ways more than I could EVER imagine. It pays to be original instead of running with the pack, some of the greatest minds in history always tried new and different things, and did things different than most, liked things most never liked, leading instead of following, constantly re-inventing themselves instead of jumping onto trends or bandwagons, the days of the stereo typical are over, make way for the new and undiscovered, the world is craving something new and different, too much history repeating itself, predictable does'nt cut it anymore, and the message here is to try things new and different and to get off of that old beaten path. It's funny how the messages that are sent from advertising, television, music, media, influence people how they should act or be, what's hip to wear because this famous person is wearing it, it's cool to have the latest gadget because a famous celebrity has it, it's like being bombarded with ways to ''fit in'' instead of choosing our own path, but as I said, to each their own. We can use reality creation to get anything we want, it's a given, there is no wrong way, it is a law that, what you focus on expands, it is of our choosing to be, do, and have whatever we want, but now is a good time to go into unexplored territory, to do things differently, to be original! Call me old fashioned, I'm anything but, I'm embracing a new frontier and age, forging a path all my own, while attracting new and interesting things, and opportunities galore and who knows, something big could come about, as far as this blog goes, well, I'm just scratching the surface. Stay tuned, this is about to get REAL interesting!

Friday, September 6, 2013


First off, mega-gratitude to all who pop in to view these posts, I'm seeing alot of interest on the subject of reality creation and that's nice to know, we are going to change the world friends, just by helping each other learn and understand that we can all be happy, abundant, and moving in a direction of positive changes. During my times of turmoil and difficulties, I look back and see that it was all for a reason, the trials and tribulations of negative thinking and their corresponding effects have pushed me to the point of taking no more, that was over three years ago, during the three years there was massive cleaning up to do, even now as I write I'm taking care of some last emotional ''loose ends'' to prepare for yet another set of big changes that are rumbling in my life! Am I scared?, I was, but now I've recently accepted that this indeed IS what I've wanted, so I've let go of all my fears and sent them off, it's all systems go purpose-wise and I'm storming the gates with knowledge and power, and sending it to the masses! I am chosen, and called to lead the way into the new awareness, and there are many like me, not to follow but to inspire and help, while maintaining and improving my own path. It may seem to some that things are getting weird in the world, that things just don't feel the way they used to, I feel that way sometimes too, yes, times are changing for sure, and some of us will feel it more than others, but it's necessary for all of us to take a good look at ourselves, at a deep inward level, and decide not only what we want for ourselves, but for the world as a whole, we are living in critical times, we are undergoing a massive shift in consciousness, and the message will only become more clear that the way things have been can no longer be, and to resist any kind of change can be very uncomfortable, and believe me I know, I've gone through it for the past three years plus!, and that's just one person, me! There is work to do, but I've said it before we have to want change in order to allow it, now that I've discovered that I no longer have limitations I choose to convince everyone who is reading this that you too are limitless, this is your time to shine and believe me, there's NEVER been a better time in history, we've moved into new demensions on earth, this is the doorway to opportunity folks, and it's open 24/7, and now is not the time to be left behind, new age, new opportunity! There is a spiritual ''boom'' occuring on earth and it doesn't collapse like banks and real estate institutions, it grows and never creates a ''bubble'', it is endless and infinite, and most of all unfailing. I believe it's safe to say that having more is easier now than it's ever been, and, some would disagree, but only because they are looking at the outside, getting information from the wrong sources via news and media, instead of looking inward, where true power lives. These are not the worst of times as some would lead us to believe, but if we are looking at outside circumstances and judging them as we see them, we are missing the point, and worse, giving away our power, in my life I still have days of struggle with this, but deeper in I know there is way more and way better happening at an unseen level, and I'm constantly reminded of this in magical ways! The truth is we are waking up, and we are finding out that life has much more to offer, and all that we need to do is want it, that's it, so simple, yet so hard for those afraid of their true power. Yes, work to do, but as the saying goes, one person at a time, but we'll get there! Until again!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Next chapter

Ah, September, I'm glad summer is winding down, although I've relocated from Arizona to California, I still find anything over 65 degrees is too hot for me, and the Holidays are around the corner, feelin' good! Been awhile since the last post, I've had quite a ride these past few weeks, August was a strange month and I'm really glad it's over! My guides have been staying in constant contact with me and more and more messages and syncronicities are coming into my life, I'm finding out that there is WAY more to the laws of attraction than first realized, and it's so powerful, so mind blowing the changes that are occuring at this stage, and still the occasional contrast! Every time I ramp up my dominant vibrations I'll still get that contrast that reminds me to sharpen my focus on my wants and desires, this is working tremendously well, contrast IS a good thing even though it feels bad. I feel sometimes I've come full circle on reality creation, even more lately, it feels like there's nothing left to do or learn, not that it's become boring or anything, it's just that I feel I've gathered all the info I can gather, and now it's just become my own personal experience, growing my personal vortex and living my purpose, although there are always lessons along the way I'll sometimes ask myself now what? Full circle indeed, a graduation, then stepping into the ''real'' truth of life, the next chapter! At this point, getting things becomes the by-product, those material things we love so much as in cars, houses, and lots of money, yes, while good, they seem to go to the wayside, the reason is the want becomes the can have ''if'' we want. When you have reached that point that having everything is achievable, you don't seem to want them as bad as before, thus the purpose of the journey, to enjoy the ride, you are closing one chapter and moving into the next one. This is exactly where I am as of now, and the best time to think the right thoughts,because my thoughts are manifesting faster than ever, it is incredible, this power, that is growing at a very fast pace, three years ago I would have never seen it happen like this, the source connection grows, as does the inner power to create worlds beyond the physical we now experience, it's during this very subtle shift, that we notice minute by minute syncronicities that would freak out everyday people. On Labor Day, I moved into a whole level of acceptance, not where I am now, but acceptance that everything I want to change, has already changed, and not long after the universe's response came in such a way that sent me into a rush that lasted hours, by sending multiple syncronicities within a small time frame, and just when I thought I'd believed enough! The Universe will push the limits of belief at certain times to assist you, even to whole new levels of ''beyond belief'', in spooky cool ways, and do take notice, because the messages are specifically for you, and no one else! Now that I've possibly gone full circle, [so it feels] It's not over by any means, it's just like I wrote, a new chapter, and moving into, will take this blogsite to whole new levels, and with it inspiring as many as possible, being that there is not just one, tried and true way to self mastery, we all will have our ''own'' way of learning self mastery, there is no one right method to learning, and that's the best part of self discovery and self mastery, next chapter!