Friday, October 23, 2015


Life has it's moments, we deal with things that can be so overwhelming, our jobs, our family life, our shortfalls. It's very important to remember that you are already blessed, you exist, and I'm sure you can find something to be grateful for! It's the little things that matter the most my friends so PLEASE try to find something in your life that makes you feel good, not only that, do something special for somebody, give your own valuable time because when you make someone happy you are making yourself happy! You are always playing the role in this game of life, you are a cooperating component and when you have a desire, something through someone is making it happen, and you may not even be aware of it. Everything happens for a reason, so trust your inner guidance, because it will always guide you towards the things you want, this IS how your Universe works! It is never possible for you to figure out how your desires will unfold, but KNOW this, you are always getting what you want, however, you must trust the Universe to bring something that will exceed your expectations, always know that it's always done, regardless, I've said this before and I'll repeat it again, the Universe wants you to have what you want more than you want it yourself, ALLOW IT! food for being.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Greetings to everyone! Well, it seems the storms have passed here in Arizona, [we've undergone extreme weather stateside these past few weeks] in the guise of hail, high winds, heavy rains, and violent thunder. These storms have passed and so has the ''inner storm'' I've been experiencing during my releasing stage, it's interesting that these things coincided together because during all of this chaos I was literally in the eye of the storm at the vibrational level, but yes, it seems that the storm appears to have passed. That aside, let's delve into a subject that I haven't covered before about getting to a point where you've released a greater part of your resistance, made great shifts with your beliefs, and you're harnessing the law of attraction fully, manifesting ''bigger things'' and massive changes in your life. Once you've reached this level life just opens up for you and yields to you everything you desire, hence, behold the power! I believe leveraging these Universal laws in your favor would be better served in a more humbler approach, not for personal gain in the form of greed or reaching for a status that put's you ''above'' everybody else. This is where the danger lies, look no further than our current world economic system that's fueled by greed, power, and corruption. The ego will never be satisfied, it will always want more because that's the very design of the ego, but it's important to understand that our own ego is not the enemy and it should not be treated as such, it DOES serve a purpose. What CAN be dangerous however, is when the newly empowered ego get's too involved with the conscious creation process, when everything becomes based on it's decisions alone, I'm not referring to the beginner's stage of conscious creation where we ''think'' we know what we want [through the wounded ego] and yet have a ton of resistance to work through and release, I'm referring to reaching that place when you become a powerful deliberate creator and you can manifest anything with ease. There is a line you can cross if the newly empowered ego get's too involved because the ego will never be satisfied, this explains why few are incredibly wealthy and powerful and most are working class or poverty stricken. Where does gratitude fit in to all of this? we know the ego can never be satisfied so obviously there's no room for appreciation, just the endless attainment of the material, higher status, and unlimited power. Desire stems from the ego, at least that's the purpose of it from what I gather, but I'm still mixed on this, everybody has a different take on ego and desire, but I can see where desire comes from and at best it seems to be delusional/wishful thinking at first, that is, until we can align to the desire [from our core] that's first launched from our very own ego. As I mentioned above, our own ego is not the enemy and it shouldn't be treated as such, liken it to your own children who beg and want certain toys for Christmas, or have a fit when you refuse them ice cream before dinner, are they your enemy?, of course not, and neither is your ego. Our ego does serve a purpose or else we wouldn't have it, but the take home here friends, is not to get the newly empowered ego too involved when you've finally harnessed these Universal laws and you have increased your powers with manifesting at ease. There is a certain blissful feeling when the Universal laws are constantly working in your favor, you may feel almost invincible and extremely powerful, you may develop a belief that things will be good from here on, you could even place yourself ''above'' others who know nothing of conscious creation and assume you're better than them because you can manifest everything you want and they can't, and although you've become a more spiritual person, you may form the belief that it makes you ''superior'' to others who you perceive as ignorant and unaware, because they're not at the same level spiritually, as you are. This is the ego involvement with self mastery and it's a recipe for personal disaster! A line must be drawn, sure, the ego will desire and it's natural to want enjoyable experiences, [guilty here lol!] but the line could be crossed when using the Universal laws to satisfy the newly empowered ego for the experience of personal gain/greed [hurting/stepping on others physically] or placing yourself above others [hurting people emotionally] by believing that this knowledge will give you power above everyone or everything else. Be it ever so humble they say, true, and this should also apply to conscious creation, these Universal laws are not about achieving power ''over'' others, they are about achieving ''personal'' power and creating unity, helping out in the grander scheme of things, SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WEALTH! until again!

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Good morning, changing our reality has no shortcuts, I don't know about you but I'm glad things don't happen too quickly when we want to make big and drastic changes. When we get frustrated with our current reality/circumstances and desperately want something better we must understand that we are just not thinking straight, we are coming from the mindset of lack and neediness, deluded thoughts and ideas come into the fold, hence the mind goes reaching for a ''quick fix'' solution. When this happens we may take actions out of desperation that don't feel good or ''forced'' to avoid a feared outcome, and when an unwanted result occurs we'll go back to telling ourselves that same old story of how difficult and unfair life is. Whatever your life story is, you're the one writing the script and no one else is writing it for you, and whatever your story is now, it will be how things play out in your reality. You've probably heard it before, ''change your story, change your life'' and it sounds pretty simple right? But it will take time for the new story to be ingrained into your belief system, over time that story could be subject to some tweaking and modifications here and there. I've learned this from personal experience, when I made the conscious decision for big changes five years ago I thought that then, at THAT time, I had known what I really wanted and I'll be honest here, to this day none of these things have happened yet, why? Maybe because it's possible that either I really didn't want them at the ''core'' level or, I just wasn't ready to make that big of a leap as far as drastic changes go, or, quite possibly, there may be some awesome experiences I must go through first, to finally get what I wanted. This is what I've mentioned in many of my past postings, our Universe can't deliver something we're really not ready for and should something by chance actually occur, and we're not ready for it, the end results could backfire in our reality. Something wanted or unwanted, again, thank the Universe that there IS a buffer of time so you get the chance to get your story straight! When a person is writing a novel does he/she complete their book in just one sitting? no, of course not, new ideas are constantly coming into the writing process, subjects change, characters change, you may have a set plot but decide to take it in a different direction, you may even extend or change the ending of your book, but in the end You decide what happens or plays out. Yes, love that buffer of time because you can adjust your course and decide with much more clarity, THEN you can begin to tell your story resulting in a much more easy unfolding and making the necessary adjustments as you go. It seems that we all wish that if such and such would just happen, our problems would be solved, but life is all about experiencing, if you want something very badly and you're totally convinced that it will solve all of you're problems, then why wouldn't it manifest? Think about this, what would be better, and really think about it, getting what you want right away or having enjoyable experiences along with getting what you want? remember it's the journey and not the destination that counts here, wouldn't you want this to be fun? A lot of practicing deliberate creators want to tell their stories of ''jumping'' right in to their chosen reality from where they are now, straight to where they want to be, no in between experiences, just A to Z, [guilty here in the past!] so their affirmations are delusional and far from their current reality, nothing happens and I know this from experience! Who reads a good engaging book and skips a few chapters in a hurry to find out how it ends? The Universe does NOT say no, it operates on yes, but it's important to understand that it knows you better than you know yourself, it really does, and it knows that the real fun isn't getting what you want when YOU want it, the REAL fun is the awesome experiences you will have getting what you want. Take this one home my friends, stop telling your story of how hard and unfair life is, and stop telling a delusional story of an instant manifestation that's far out of reach from where you currently are, instead, tell a story about the experiences you want to have while moving towards the things you really want, and KNOW that you'll get exactly what you want, the Universe, I guarantee, will be all in!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Greetings to all, I would like to touch a little on the subject of the manifestation process, it is during this very process that everything is happening outside of our awareness [behind the scenes]. We can't possibly come close to seeing how a manifestation unfolds, to try and do so will delay or impede it's arrival, with that one exception however, that once the intention was launched, the Universe WILL find a way to ''sneak'' it into your physical reality through the path of least resistance. For awhile I was enjoying some frequent manifestations but things have slowed to almost a halt, this could be due to the recent bouts of releasing I was experiencing over the past few weeks, sometimes a period of preferred physical manifestations could occur and you'll feel like you are riding a wave of positive momentum only to discover, out of the blue, that something small and quite trivial has set you off and has sent you back into a negative cycle, so what's up with that? We want to believe that with mastering the law of attraction we'll manifest like pro's and the good stuff will keep coming and our lives will be perfect from here on out, but to believe that things will work out this way is very delusional. Any desire we may have has some kind of downside, bear with me before you question how is it possible that there is a downside to wanting something better? First off, the downside of wanting something better is our own resistance to the very thing we want in the first place, we'll need to dissolve it, we'll need to become a match [aligned] to our desire by living in it's vibrational [vicinity] frequency. Once we've managed to align and remain aligned on a consistent basis it may take some more time for our desires to materialize in the physical, this is due to many factors, one of them is the necessary trust in the process which will be paramount for success because there will be days when we will be aware that movement is occurring [vibrational matches] and others where nothing seems to be happening. This has tripped me up several times during the manifestation process, so what's one to do when the sound of crickets are all you're hearing in your physical reality? This can be a difficult phase because we may still be letting go of limiting beliefs and sometimes during this phase there are ''purges'' that can throw us for a vibrational loop making it seem like all hell is cutting loose. I've discovered that when this happens the mind will go into ''panic mode'' and resist the intense negative emotions, even more so because of the positive momentum we've banked and become accustomed to predominantly. When we're feeling good predominantly, our own mind may become addicted to that feel good momentum, and over time rely too much upon it, and when a negative thought/feeling occurs due to some unwanted experience, the negativity feels overwhelming to say the least! This is the creation process and OH the mental discipline that's required to keep going, it's so simple to fall backwards when we're trying to move forward. There is however a secret weapon to win the war on anxiety during the creation process and that secret weapon is RELIEF! Yes, relief, this one emotion will get you through the most difficult times when allowing your desires to manifest, relief will become your best friend and help you sleep much better at night. When resistance pops up there are two things you can do, you can resist the resistance until you fall into a negative loop or you can sooth yourself by finding relief and milking that emotion until you've reached that place of contentment as your resistance dissolves on it's own. Relief is expansion, if you were to try to suppress your resistance by reaching too high [joy or bliss] you'd be forcing the effort and that's too big of a vibrational jump, you can't win that fight, relief is your true ally here. Look at it this way, you feel rotten, how do you want to feel? RELIEVED! You have no money to pay your bills and you're worried sick and highly stressed, by law of attraction how would you feel if somehow, the money needed had surprisingly shown up, and you could finally pay those bills? RELIEVED! You've launched your desire to finally own your dream home because you're tired of throwing away your money renting a run down apartment that lacks space, how will you feel when you close the deal? RELIEVED! While it IS true that you will experience joy and appreciation in these circumstances when they occur, it will only be a matter of time when the responsibilities will kick in and what was extraordinary, like everything else, becomes ordinary, the initial excitement passes and thus we'll move on to wanting something else. This is not meant to rain on the parade of fulfilling a desire, this is physical reality, this is human nature, we will always desire more but over time physical manifestations could become boring [not for me yet!] and we'll seek something of a ''higher'' reason/purpose, realizing that the constant accumulation of material possessions no longer satisfies us. As for your desire, that thing you want really bad, and you feel frustrated and awful because it's not here yet, you would do very well to find relief when the feeling of lack occurs, but once again you'll notice the lack of your desire, you'll once again aim for relief, and around and around you will go noticing the lack, feeling bad, and finding relief, this may happen several times but eventually you will finally reach that space where your dominant feeling is an exact vibrational match to your desire [relief] and it will have no choice but to manifest into your physical reality. It's likened to the rubber band analogy, you stretch the rubber band [resistance] you let go of the rubber band [relax/relief] over and over again you go until the feeling of relief is dominant, this in a nutshell, is the creation process my friends!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


You will find that over time, after becoming a truth seeker, that no one else's beliefs or opinions will be relevant to you, with the exception of course, that you will attract those that will resonate with your own truths. In the past I was always asking questions and seeking answers from others, maybe something would be bothering me and I would assume that someone I knew and looked up to would provide me with some comforting answer or advice, hence, I was a follower and not an independent thinker, I let others think for me, a sure sign of weakness. Man have I grown and thank God for that, I wish I could take back those years because following advice from others led me down the wrong path over and over, even worse I was constantly giving away my power. Nobody knows me better than myself now and I walk my own way, of course there are still lingering limited beliefs that will have to dissolve from my conditioning since childhood, but I'm finished with asking for advice and answers from others and I don't care WHO they are, I am my greatest mentor as well as my biggest fan, I seek no approval and I don't consider myself to be above anyone else due to my beliefs or preferences, we are all equal and we're all adults here. I was conditioned in the past to believe what was right or wrong and I was always seeking validation from others instead of seeking it for myself, meaning I was basing everything I perceived in life by what others were telling me without seeking the truth myself. I'm now learning that all answers are within, there is no need nor purpose of looking for them outside of myself because nobody will give me a satisfying answer and really nobody ever has, opinions don't matter. There is still internal dialog [limited beliefs] that I must compete with and overcome as well as dissolve over time, it's a mess in there and I'm just beginning to realize this, but Rome wasn't built in one day as they say. Everything really does come down to choice and only we as individuals can make our own choices, nobody else can make them for us nor should we allow them to, but think about it, who would we rather have backing up our choices, others or our own Universe?


Good morning, it's 6:oo am here in a somewhat cooler Phoenix Arizona, so lets get started shall we? I've been undergoing a big releasing stage and things have wound down somewhat these past few days, it seems that I've released some significant resistance this time around and I AM noticing the difference, but where's my bliss? Is my work done? Will I manifest the big stuff now? If these are questions one would be asking themselves then it wouldn't be long before the resistance would resurface and all their progress would be in vain. Releasing resistance and expecting instant results won't go very far, this is when it's best to sort things out and prioritize what's truly wanted as there may be some changes or modifications we'll wish to make regarding our intentions and desires. I've had the whole past summer to reflect and release, to decide what stays and what goes, where I want to ultimately live, how big of changes I want to make etc. It would seem that after five years now I'd have everything figured out, not even close, there may be less resistance to deal with but I still can't see the broader picture here so I'm not worried about trying to figure it all out. So where DO I go from here? well first off, I don't need to see the big picture, that's not my job nor my worry, broader self will manage that, my only job is to make decisions, to gain clarity from the contrast, experience physical life to my choosing, after all I AM the conscious co-creator here. Through all of this however, something else has occurred, desire feels more boring and mundane, yes, I'm occasionally thinking about what I want, but it feels more like I care less and less about desire in general, it seems that I appreciate more of what I already have and this newfound appreciation has only grown even more as I've released yet more resistance. A wise deduction would be that launching desire from a place of ''whatever'' seems to be the key to allowing it's physical manifestation, when we make a ''big deal'' out of a certain goal or ''desire'' we seem to come from a mindset of ''our very lives DEPEND on it'' so we'll get very serious about the whole manifestation process but isn't this supposed to be fun? I will testify that releasing big resistance isn't any fun at all but what about after that? My how we tend to take life so serious! especially in these times, I'll admit that it's challenging to say the least but we almost have to come back to being child-like in our approach with reality creation to be successful co-creators on this so-called physical plane of existence. It's really no big deal here, whatever it is, we may want something really bad, so much so that our very existence depends on it, but it's really quite the opposite actually, and although it may take time to ''sink in'' we'll eventually realize that we exist and we WILL desire and with desire comes expansion. It is recommended to make peace with our desires and not to be at war with them, meaning that we're fighting their manifestation by trying to control the outcomes, forcing things to happen instead of allowing them to happen more naturally. If we are beginning to feel bored about our desires when we think about them guess what?, they're closer to realization than we think because we'll simply get tired of waiting for them to show up and eventually that ''I don't care anymore'' attitude will sink in and this is key here, the Universe cannot be manipulated or fooled, your feelings don't lie, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is hard to accomplish here on this physical plane, and when it's done in your mind it's done in your reality, when desire feels as ordinary as eating and breathing, it's a done deal. Anyway, this is what I'm learning more and more, I seem to have had it intellectually, but after this big release it's beginning to sink in, stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Good morning from a much cooler Phoenix Arizona, it's beginning to feel a little fall-ish here, FINALLY! [sigh of relief] I've just undergone a huge release this past week and there were a few ''freak outs'' during the ordeal, I mean the anxiety was so intense a was on the verge of panic attacks! I'm a big boy though so I toughed it out as best as I could but despite being strong and stubborn, I was no match to facing up to my fears and limited beliefs. Since I've learned about deliberate creation five years ago I've accumulated some interesting delusions about how law of creation REALLY works and they are really beginning to surface, as I am finally coming to the conclusion that I am barely scratching the surface. When we learn of this idea that we can influence our reality and have what we want we get this crazy notion that there is this magical Universe that can bring things into our experience if we just focus long and hard enough, but there is so much more to it than that. After this stressful releasing I just went through I made the decision that I would just jump into alignment and return to my normal blissful state, I kind of figured that since I had went through such a horrible release the next logical step would be to surf the rainbow and all would once again be well. This worked for a few hours as I was catching the big wave of blissful alignment until a distressing IRS bill came in the mail, ''oh well'' I said, ''I'm still okay'' not long after a surprise return from an unwanted person, now I'm annoyed as the bliss began to slowly dissolve into apathy and eventually not giving a damn at all! Why can't I maintain my bliss? Haven't I gone through enough with this nasty releasing phase? These were questions I asked myself over and over again, after all, I've developed QUITE the ability to go from ''BLAH'' to ''WOO HOO'' in no time, and I can do this easily at will, at will? hmm, I'm beginning to see something here, could it be that I'm maybe trying a LITTLE bit too hard to be blissful all the time? Am I a bliss-addict? Have I developed a dependency on bliss? One thing is for sure, this blissful high has serious side-effects and the comedown is real nasty! Before my knowledge of the law of creation/attraction, my life was pretty simple, and even though I felt like crap a majority of the time, I accepted it and I can safely say not many REALLY bad things happened, they just seemed bad due to my overall negative attitude, other than that I would just take the wrong actions and produce poor and unwanted results. I won't lie, but sometimes I regret learning about all this L.O.A. stuff, this is because it can go from uncomfortable to just downright painful when you're releasing all the ''crap'' that's inside of you but I'm learning something very valuable here, anything worth having or keeping in your life is worth the work you'll be doing, no matter how uncomfortable or intense it may get. Here's another surprising factor, just when you're sure that you've released everything and you're surfing your rainbow of bliss, you may ride that wave for some time, then out of the blue you'll wipe out and it could be a small incident that triggers the wipe out, now you have contrast so with all of this unwanted, you decide what's wanted instead, that's fine and dandy but wait, you have past issues with what is wanted so now you must clean that up too, and once again another layer must be peeled away so you can feel better again, thus continues what seems like an endless cycle of cleaning up your resistance to what you want. You want, you clean, you want, you clean, until finally the end result, but there is no end result, hate to break it to you good people, but we can never get this done. I never realized the scope of the garbage that was inside of me until now, this release in the past week has been the most intense and worse by far, it took everything I had to summon the strength and courage to ride it out without collapsing into despair and giving up on everything. I was at a crossroad on this one, I had to literally fight for everything I had and wanted to have in my life, there were times when I'd have to face myself in the mirror and tell myself ''NO!, THIS IS WHAT I WANT AND THIS IS HOW IT'S GOING TO BE!'' this went on for a whole week, a rollercoaster of fearful thinking while trying to cling onto better feeling thoughts/self talk while facing myself in the mirror. I am very stubborn by nature, when I decide something I WILL not give up or give in, I stand by what I believe in, and I'll face myself in the mirror to remind my bigger self what it is that I REALLY want. My perception now is this, as much as I'd like to just laugh everything off and live my life in a carefree, Marry Poppins type of blissful state, clearing ugly resistance is no laughing matter, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't shake it off and say ''oh well'' and go on your merry way. The light at the end of the tunnel however is this, you get to decide, you get to decide what you want and how you want it, yes, I said how, but the hang up on the how is our resistance and if there were no resistance at all, the how would go according to our own choosing. Life is a constant growth, through the contrast comes desire, with desire requires alignment, and on and on we go, I guess the whole point of this crazy existence, is to continually dissolve resistance, and as long as there is desire, and there always will be, there's no choice but to align to it, which means even more resistance to dissolve and somewhere between all of this we're supposed to be happy or at least try to be. Okay I get it, as frustrating as it all can be, but there is one thing that brings much needed relief to all of this and that's the knowing that ''life doesn't have to happen TO us because it's always happening FOR us.