Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Having everything, needing nothing

Hello all!, took a little breather from posting but I've been undergoing some big life changing since the last blog so I'm just going to give you fantastic readers an update as to what's going on as of late for me. First off, I'm at the stage of physical manifestations at this point of my journey, this can get really weird at times, and prior to these physical manifestations there is some anxiety mixed with excitement and uncertainty, every day my life is riddled with unexplained syncronicities and events, my celestial guides have been very active these past few days preparing me for the inevitable delivery of the big game changers that are fast approaching, this can cause nervousness at times, but to know every minute they've got my back brings comfort quickly, as relief is a good vibration to allow it all in. For those reading this post that have launched life changing desires take note, how ever long it takes to clear all your resistance and open up to recieve, you will know when you are close, it is the emotions that clue you in, with that comes the magic and miracles in the form of syncronistic events that occur more and more frequently, as you now will have a universe moving mountains for you by gathering all the cooperative components to arrange delivery in the most unexpected and miraculous ways. As these mind boggling signs of land appear it fuels your beliefs to beyond belief to flat out knowing that delivery is imminent, it is at this point you no longer ''need'' the desire, as a matter of fact, you could care less whether it shows up or not! Now you've eliminated all of the resistance that keeps it from you, so it now must become your reality, it is universal law! While deliberate creation works differently with every individual, as well as tecnique and approach one thing is clear, we will know when we've got it when we no longer want what has already been ours all along, we just needed to dissolve all the resistance that's kept our desires at arm's length. Without developing communication through practice with my guides, my path to manifestation[forgive me for using this word,lol],would be unclear and unguided and somewhat chaotic, with my guides at aid, my desires can come in the form of miracles instead of confusion, and if you visited my post a few months ago about number sequences and how our guides use them to send us messages, you can see how important their role is to helping us as deliberate creators on our path. In closing this post, it's crucial to reach the point when the ''want'' is eliminated from conscious creation, this may take time to develop, but as self mastery is achieved you really will ''HAVE'' everthing, and need nothing, and there it is! Until again.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Put it in neutral

Greetings and well being, life can get in the way constantly, and we can experience a flurry of emotions, anger, frustration, sadness, and the worse, stress and anxiety. When I began practicing deliberate creation I use to force myself to be in a good state of mind, I felt that if I could ignore my negative emotions they would go away, only to suppress them instead, A myth of conscious creation is we must always be on cloud nine to receive the good things in life, this just is not so, we have to deal with our emotions, negative or positive, of course, we can deal with the positive ones, we feel good! When beginning practice of deliberate creation people can fear their negative emotions and then beat themselves up over it, this was me a few years back, I would ''self talk'' to myself about doing everything wrong, not getting it right, and attracting more frustration in the process. Until we experience these negative emotions and learn to release them they'll just keep re-surfacing until we do, we must empty out the old baggage to make room for the new instilled empowered emotions that will serve us to get what we want and practice is paramount. This can be a painful emotional experience at times, but necessary for growth to happen, depending on how many years of baggage we have, it can take considerable time. As I've explained in past posts I've gone through this many times, I've had so many negative issues in my past I could not possibly list all of them here, and many were suppressed and deep rooted, and as painful as it was it was very necessary for my growth and now, let's just say it has been well worth it! I still experience negative emotions yes, but I've learned to feel them, acknowledge the fact that I'm feeling them and yes, they are real, then let them go, that way they won't stick to resurface again, avoiding them will only allow them to re-surface at another time to resolve. We will have good and bad days, it's human nature to experience everything positive and negative, and if we ARE having a bad day we must not be hard on ourselves, it's okay, we must forgive ourselves and move on, no matter the circumstances, it's all about self-forgiveness and appreciating the fact that we are blessed to be alive to experience these things, besides, these things are small potatoes compared to how lucky and gifted we truly are. Life is about experience and growth, but it should be fun too, and when our dominant feelings are,[and they will be], of appreciation and prosperity among others, we'll blast through the walls of negative emotions until experiencing them will be rare instead of the other way around. Through development I've learned a neat trick to cope on my not so good days, and not so bad ones either, and that is to just be neutral, that way I'm not attracting negative outcomes, it's my emotional ''safe zone'' if you will, I tell myself things like it will pass, I've been through worse, it always works out, [and it does too!] or my favorite, ''this is not as big as what I want, so it's not worth my time or energy'', thus, I move on, in my not give a damn, neutral state of mind. There will be times when it's easy to be general about things, and sometimes we need to ride out the intense negative emotions, but even having a neutral feeling about things takes practice, but rest assured it will be effective nonetheless. It's important to remember that no matter what it is, no matter how annoying things or people can be, it's not bigger than us, it's wasted time and energy and really, is it worth giving away our power so we cannot attract all we desire?, I think not! More to come friends.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Good morning fellow co-creators, this post is a little reminder that even though we have goals that we wish to manifest, at one time or another we'll have to take ''manifesting'' out of the equation, but can't that seem counter-productive we might ask?, it can seem somewhat a paradox. When this all began for me it was all about the manifesting, that was the primary goal, but as things did start to change, there were very small if any ''manifestations'' occurring, and there were indeed lessons I'd have to learn, enter the journey to deliberate creation! At this point in my practice I'm beginning to understand ''manifesting'' no longer is my goal, being concerned about manifesting just complicates the journey, it say's something is not here yet and implies lack of the very thing we want. I believe this happens naturally as we progress, and it's a big necessity in learning to be a co-creator. As I post this I don't even like writing the word ''manifest'', but for this purpose I will so bear with me, when this word is removed from deliberate creation there is some degree of detachment, and that's a good thing, the goal itself still resides in us and it should, but to ''manifest'' it will always imply that we don't have it yet, instead we should bask in the relaxation and confidence that it's done and it will happen in it's own natural time, we think that to be good at manifesting we have to try, try, and try to make it happen, when actually it's just the opposite, we allow it to unfold un-impeded assuring speedy delivery and satisfying results, and most of the time better than we could have ever made it happen ourselves. Ever notice how you think of something and in a short time it appears and you think to yourself ''wow, how did that happen?, I was just thinking about that'' or how about a person?, and then you get a call, ''hey, I was just thinking about you!'' see what I mean, we are ''always'' manifesting, all of us, it's just most of the time people manifest things by default, unaware of their thinking and creating, that's why we need to be ''deliberate'' creators! When we become conscious creators we don't ''manifest'' anything, we don't have to, it's done for us, it's like eating healthy or exercising, we do it, we know it's good for us, and we ''KNOW'' that we'll get the desired results without a second thought,and that my friends is deliberate creation, to manifest is not something we ''do'', it's something we allow! I believe to master this is to stop trying to master this, as the saying goes, when the student is ready..... you get the idea. I've been a student of law of attraction for over three and a half years, and although some may deem me a slow learner I believe that not to be the case, instead, I'm learning this in the natural way, no books, no fancy programs, no subliminal CD's, I've moved away from all the commercial ''hype'' that revolves around the law of attraction and it's teachings, no, I'm doing it ''MY WAY'', and my way may not work for others, it's different for everybody! One of my greatest breakthroughs during awakening was understanding the higher truth, and to this day, it is that this is more easier than hard, that it should be effortless, not of struggle, that we are not supposed to ''manifest'' anything, why would we have to when it's already done?, so the trick is to come into belief that this is so, and we may need time to come into this new understanding. For those who are in the beginning stages of practice, this concept may be a little hard to accept, as it was for me, but the time ''will'' come when manifesting will no longer matter, and the unfolding nature of the manifestation will, it won't be about getting the things we want, It'll be more about the unfolding of it, because once you have it, the ''high'' wears off and you want something else, and so on and so on, it's really about the journey friends, so enjoy the ride! 2014 will be a special year for this blog, as I allow mastery of my skill in deliberate creation, it is also my hope others can benefit as well, as I learn, so I teach, and I will continue to chronicle my progress for time to come, as it will only expand and grow as I do, I look forward to a new year of higher consciousness and awareness and hope you all will join me!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Good morning all who are visiting this post, firstly, I'd like to wish, again, you all a happy new year, but even more I hope all your wishes are unfolding in the most perfect ways. As the holidays have passed there is some relief, but at the same time I wish they'd lasted longer, as I couldn't meet all of my plans, it just seems like a blur, as in childhood the holidays seem to drag in anticipation of the delight of imminent goodies to come. Being that it may, it's time for change, the grapes are ripe for the picking, and there is another kind of anticipation taking place, and it involves being prepared not only mentally and emotionally, but physically. When all goals are desired to be achieved, there should be some action taken, not the forceful kind, the inspired kind, I am not, as I've written in past postings, a proponent of taking too much action, I believe in allowing the Universe to orchestrate the conditions to act apon, and that works for me, but others are action oriented, and that works too. What can be challenging is the allowing of things to unfold, due to the fact that we relinquish all control, let go and detach, and hand everything to Universal intelligence to sort through and figure out, I believe this approach is more difficult and requires much mental discipline and extreme patience. This approach at times can feel like a ''waiting'' period, and it can go on for months, yes, this approach is difficult, and some of you may be using this approach of faith and trust, and some of you are mixing faith and trust with action, there is no wrong way, everyone is different in their approach. So what do we do if we're using the former approach, how can we deal with the gestation period of intention without focusing on the waiting or absence of the desire?, by preparing!, physically and emotionally, exercising is, to me paramount to our coming success, maintaining the confidence to rise to the challenges that will present themselves for greater expansion, and of course maintaining a positive attitude of gratitude, being grateful for what we have, and what's to come. Success, to me begins before the desired effect even takes place, not after, we need to ''BE'' successful now!, not after we get all that money, or go into that dream business we always wanted, we need to prepare that way, but being healthy is probably the most important part of this, as posted before, how can we enjoy all of our success and happiness when we can barely step out the door! A few articles ago I mentioned we ''BE'' the new year's resolution, not wait for things to change, so to sum it all up, get inspired, get out there, and get your prize, and at the same time allow everything to unfold in the perfect timing, it will! Until later

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keep it going

Greetings and Happy New Year of reality creation, what does 2014 bring to the table for most of us? For myself it's beginning in a kind of weird way, but I can literally ''feel'' the big changes coming, and while it's exciting it's also a little scary, sometimes I'll question myself wondering if I can handle the big stuff I've launched a few years ago, but at my core being I really do want this, even though I feel nervous and anxious from time to time. It is so true to be careful what you are intending, when we want sweeping changes in any area of our lives we have to be able to handle them when they come into our reality, and I'm not referring to wishful thinking, I'm referring to years of intending, visualizing, and putting the desire into the very core of our being, because after all,if it cannot be felt in the heart, it is not a strong enough intention, and manifestation will be a bumpy, frustrating struggle to say the least. When these [percieved by us] big manifestations are about to occur, our celestial guides will show us to prepare, by sending signs and more frequent syncronicities that big changes are looming, and that can make us feel a little ''cold footed'' at times. It's important to stay strong and not lose sight of the prize, we ask, the Universe delivers, it's simple right?, it should be but we more than likely use rational thinking and complicate the process. Here's what I'm learning now, when a wish is about to be fulfilled you will not only know it, you'll feel it, and the fears of change will no doubt creep in, but don't worry, let it pass, let it go, we don't want to fight against the very things we want. I recall reading somewhere that the Universe wants to give us the thing we want more than us wanting that very thing, if that makes any sense. As my own ''big'' intentions are unfolding my ego will try to discourage me, to keep me in the safe zone, this mind war is the last attempt to stop me from fulfillment, but I remind myself that this is no longer desire from the ego-self, it's pure and from the core of my being, meaning there is no way it can't happen, so I'm buckling up, and getting ready for the ride of my life. The purpose of this post is that we have to really be clear on what we want, we must gain clarity and invest alot of time into this, and we will fall and stumble and get back up many times, and we'll even change our minds along the way, but we should never give up, and we won't if we want it bad enough. ANY time we want something big to change it does'nt happen overnight, and on top of that it cannot happen without getting free of our comfort or ''safe zone'', as said before, the big-U will not deliver something we are not ready for, and if we try to take it apon ourselves to get what we want it will always be a long and painful struggle. My message for the New Year, re-invent yourself and release from the status quo. Back soon.