Monday, October 29, 2012

Rewinding to the basics

Happy Halloween everybody!  Fall is in the air ''finally'' in the desert southwest, but as I release this post it is climbing to an  uncomfortable 91 degrees today, here in central Arizona it starts to get cold in November, the winter season here is very brief, then it starts to warm up again, I personally prefer the colder climates, but not too cold, just milder than most places. Okay, enough small talk, today's topic, I'd like to go back in my journey for the readers who may have just discovered this blogsite, and review where it all began and where it's going now, I've gained so much contrast over the last twenty eight months in this journey that I feel like sharing what I've learned and what works and  what not always works at some levels in creation practice. Starting out I went almost backwards, out the gate I started filling orders to the universe, getting excited about them and waiting for their arrival, and waiting...and waiting...and so forth, where's the stuff?, after a few months of trying and trying to manifest ''things'' I decided to dig deeper, to go beyond the secret and make conscious creation a full time study, and that's exactly what it's been for well over two years, day after day, week after week, month after month, and beyond! Not all of us will need a long time to get this, it, of course, depends on your upbringing and beliefs you have instilled since birth. As for myself, I had some big subconscious trash to clean out, and ninety percent of our manifesting ability comes from the subconscious, where our programs and beliefs are stored.  Okay, the first part in creation, ASK, what is it we want? ''that's easy'' we think, but at the beginning we only THINK that it's easy, it will be our emotions that really tell us , for example, you want a new car, your dream car, this car costs almost eighty thousand dollars new, what does your emotions tell you, if your anxious when you think of your dream car then you have some doubts that you can get it, on the other hand if it feels good when you think of ownership of your dream car, you'r headed in the right direction, the bottom line is, in conscious creation, belief is key!  Even when you ask, you will have needed to work on, and change your belief system, which brings us to the second part of creation
practice, I just mentioned it, BELIEF!  which is believing you can, and already posess your dream car, at this point, you would visualize already having ownership of your awesome vehicle, ''feeling'' the emotions of driving it, showing it to your friends, speeding around the curves on the coastal highway with top down. How often you do this is optional, but like everything new, practice, practice, practice! Remember, your new car is like a planted seed, you'll have to care for it, {FOCUS}, for it to grow, so be patient, there is a gestation period, it takes time, in universal terms, only the present exists, we percieve time much different here on earth, that is why it is important to visualize the dream car already posessed. I recommend practicing visualization daily until you master it, it will imprint the dream car into your subconscious, you will know it is working when thinking about the dream car, and you feel light and joyful, even more so when overwhelming gratitude starts sinking in. And finally, the third and final part, RECIEVING! but wait, is that dream car going to land in our lap somehow?, well, in a way it could, or it could happen another way, it's infinite how the car could come, but here's where most of us, including myself at the beginning hit a snag, we start questioning how will the car be delivered? we try to figure it out by rational thinking without realizing that we are setting limitations on how that dream car is delivered, slowing the natural flow, worrying, losing patience, and eventually pushing our dream car away! This is when detachmemt is paramount, I found out this the hard way, detaching is not something we can just decide to do, it also will take practice and patience letting go, as to allow the dream car to come into physical form. As for recieving that dream car, you could win it in a contest, or, an inheritance could come from a long lost relative, then you'll purchase it, or you could recieve an idea for a business, or a new invention, that could earn you the money for your dream car, I could go on and on. The thing is this, we CAN have it all, but you have to get into a place of total belief that it WILL happen, if you were already there you would already have it all, but we are humans, spiritual growth is vital to be a creator, we create with spirit, therefor we must build a connection and allign with our higher selves for the success we so richly deserve. It will require work, the three steps I mentioned are just the basics of deliberate creation, in between, we will hit some bumps and will  have to go back and figure out what works for us and what does not. Tecniques will be different for everybody, trial and errors visit frequently, and frustrations can mount, but the good news is it will push you harder, to learn even more, and as you push on, your higher self gives you thumbs ups and signs for encouragement, then the breakthroughs start to surface! I can tell you all this, it does work, my life is full of miracles daily, another big change is happening in my life, I can feel it coming, it took a good while to get here, but it was certainly worth it, mind blowing!  Until next time!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A penny for your dreams {continued}

Hello fellow creators and successful practicing creators. this is the second part of  my last post about growing our wealth consciousness to manifest smaller then larger things in our lives regarding unlimited abundance, and on a plus talk of the signs and miracles that occur while practicing this amazing creation tecnique. As I mentioned in the last blog, one of the signs that appeared when I began this practice over two years ago was I would find coins on the ground frequently, in the past if I would stumble across a penny I would'nt pick it up, I'd think to myself, ''it's just a penny, it has little value'', little did I know I was telling my higher self that I did'nt care about money, but at the time I DID care, but I never appreciated what, if any, amount I had. That whole time I was pushing my abundance away, the source energy knows us better than we know ourselves, we may want more money in our lives, but our behavior tells a different story, and that's not all, our habbits and mostly what we think. plays a major role in how much money we recieve in our lives, and how fast it slips through our hands. Here's something I recommend that I personally practiced when I made the conscious choice to persue an abundance mindset, I looked for coins, I now have a tissue box full of nickels, dimes, and pennies, first I place them in my pocket, all day, then they go into the box, wrapped with a thank you note, saying this and so much more. I know, I know, it's just a nasty ol' penny on the ground, but in a practicing deliberate creator's eyes, who's goal is financial abundance, it's gold!  Every time you pick up that coin, you are telling source ''yes, I want abundance in my life'', after awhile of doing this, you don't find coins anymore, they find you, and  you my friends, are attracting abundance!, it starts like this, small at first, but your manifesting muscles are growing, it's just like working out at the gym, you have to work to develop a wealth consciousness, be patient though, enjoy the ride, this is a fun practice!  Further in my journey, I'm dreaming of wealth, signs daily remind me that my wealth is inevitable, even if I wanted to, which I don't, I could'nt stop it, I've invested so much time and focus on wealth consciousness that the flow is unstoppable, sure, I get a little nervous about this huge change that's unfolding in my life, and tossing me out of my comfort zone, but more than that I'm excited! some nights I can't even sleep, I'll wake up in the middle of the night with this realization, that ''oh boy, this is coming, this is what I've worked hard mentally for'' at that point, you FEEL your dreams coming, seriously, you just know!  If anyone out there is looking to manifest financial freedom in your lives, you can do it, I have to say that if you are really serious about this, put it into practice, and please be patient and try to make it fun, I've learned the hard way that taking it too serious can slow the progress, just flow with it. When you make the choice to be abundant, source has your back, literally!  So change your beliefs, feel good about money, tell yourself you deserve it and you are going to do amazing things with your abundance, and share it, with your loved ones who could use some help, donate to great causes, after all, you are a good steward with your wealth, when you feel this way you are feeling good about being wealthy, and remember, it's all about feeling.  Here's to your wealth!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A penny for your dreams

Greetings everyone! Since my last post I've had some spooky but cool little manifestations, and with Halloween getting close! Joking aside though, since this journey began I've been working and moving towards wealth consciousness, only recently unusual but amazing miracles are taking place and if some of you out there are practicing deliberate creation for a wealthy lifestyle you just may like these two posts!  Before I continue, we ALL are born with wealth consciousness ingrained in us, It's just as we grow we instill new beliefs about money, having to work hard for it, it's hard to get ahead, bills pile up as we become responsible adults, and that awful D-word that we love to hate. The great news is that we can undo them through reprogramming the subconscious mind via affirmations and creative visualization among other tecniques. It takes dedication and persistence to develop a wealth consciousness and some will not have the patience to succeed, but for those that do incredible things start to unfold, one of those things are happening to me, and that is the materialization of coins, I use to find them on the ground frequently, but now they just seem to appear in ways I cannot explain, I am also having regular dreams about finding coins  and picking them up. In my last post I mentioned what I believe are wish fulfillment dreams which could be another result of a growing wealth consciousness, in the next post I wish to dive deeper into wealth consciousness and share with you more of my own results as I develop an unlimited abundance mindset.    Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A dream lucid....with awareness

Hello fellow creators and practicing creators alike, I've noticed when reading my stats that some of you in other countries have viewed this blogsite, it pleases me with much gratitude that this blogsite is reaching farther than I could imagine, for this I wish to thank you all, we are all connected on this planet no matter what  country we live in and I am powerfully appreciative of all of you, just for stopping by, and I am hopeful you'll drop in again, thank you, thank you!  The topic, well, this is indeed a little off the path of this creator's normal posting, but nonetheless, it should be known that our dreams,  to me, seem to play a role in our ability to control not only our thoughts in our daily lives, but how we can control how we think and act while in a dream state. Recently into my journey, my dreams have taken a whole new meaning, and what's amazing is my ability to be aware of whats happening, and being  able to influence them. This is wild stuff folks, before I embarked on this journey I did'nt dream very much, and if I did dream, it was usually an unpleasant one, those would always be the dreams I'd remember, but they were'nt very vivid. Before they seemed to not have much meaning, or at least I would'nt be aware enough to understand their meanings. Since doing visualization and vibrational work for months, it seems it has affected how I dream,and as my awareness increases, I've become good at controlling my dreams, and I've got to admit, this is cool! There have been two occasions where I believe I've had a wish fulfillment dream, and in this dream, a state of joy I never could imagine in my awake state, it was undescribable, the other, most recent one, I was in a dream state, but briefly, at that brief moment something told me to ask for my strongest desires, so while dreaming I asked, and immediately recieved my answer, but not in voice, but by how I felt when my request was answered, it was all feeling, and it was like ''dont worry, it's done'', I awoke instantly in a state of knowing and joy like never before. This was a daytime nap, the timing was incredible, I never saw it coming, I've also been dreaming alot about people in my past that I have not seen in years, and also dreams about animals.
I believe when we practice creation, us being the creators, our awareness DOES grow, it developes because we need to be aware of signs and messages we recieve from source to move forward, and as long as you put forth the intention for change, it seems this happens automatically, we are guided on our journey. This will also affect how we dream, as I've found that the dreams are telling me things, and maybe, clearing away things, that no longer serve me, letting go if you will. I've only been doing this for nearly two and a half years, by no means am I an expert on dreaming on any level, but I do know as we evolve spiritually, our dreams evolve as well, we can be aware of our dreams and the people and surroundings, and actually manipulate them, it's hard to describe, it's like when in the awake state, you control what you do and say, you are  LIVING in the dream, this is happening almost every night! At first it's a little weird, but believe me it gets really cool after a while, you actually look forward to bed time, I believe we all get to this point when we evolve spiritually. I can't wait to see where this goes, but one thing is sure, it's a sure sign that our journey has some amazing things in store for us, awake or asleep, sweet dreams!