Friday, December 27, 2013

Be the resolution

Greetings, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as for myself it snuck up on me due to a later Thanksgiving this year. I wish to make this post short and sweet, 2014, to me, will be a year of new opportunity, we can do our usual new year resolutions but most of us don't stick to them, we get pumped up, we start to follow through and then get side-tracked by life and it's complications. I believe we need to go beyond this way of ''thinking'' and just start ''being'' the resolution, as I've said once we decide what we want universal intelligence and all the cooperating components go right to work, we need only get out of the way, acting as if the request is fulfilled, because the truth is, it's already done, it's that simple. I wish all of you a blessed new year, and I encourage you all to celebrate your victories on new year's eve, and live like your wishes have been granted, because they have! Until next year.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Greetings on this fine Sunday morning! I am by definition, an early riser, I like to be up before the dawn, it is the most peaceful time of day and luckily the most quiet. As a writer I find mornings fresh and full of inspiration and ideas and although inspiration can come at any given time, this time of day is my preference overall. As we are growing up we are labeled and being labeled continuously, society has glorified labels, media, advertising, our schools, work places, every thing and everyone has a label, and understandably it is necessary to some degree. But what about how we label ourselves?, do we think we are average?, ordinary?, powerless?, losers?, even worse, do we believe it true when others impose these beliefs on us?, how they see us?, well I bring good news to the table, this is limited thinking on every level! All too often we look into the mirror in judgement and right away put a lable on ourselves, ''I'm old'', or ''such a loser'' and worstly ''I'm a failure'', and without even a mutter out loud the subconscious mind agrees and reinforces it in our reality, and it's all because we've said it over and over until it's become implanted into our very being, and reality shows it to be true. This kind of thinking is so destructive, that it can literally block us from anything good that could happen to us, and that is understating things alot! We all are unique, born with greatness already within us, we all have a path and purpose, we ARE NOT meant to be poor, or limited, or unsuccessful by any means, as we label who we are we are getting back what we see in ourselves, by law of attraction, be it good or bad, ''WE'' choose what we are, nobody else. So many times in my life I've been told by my peers that I could never do this or be that, I just did'nt have greatness in me, and it was written all over me, even my body language cried out ''failure'', no wonder I felt like such a failure, I would tell myself ''yeah, they're all right, I am a failure''. Each time I said this I was crushing my spirit more and more, not anybody else, it was all my doing, what others told me was what I was thinking and feeling, mirrored back to me. Years and years of this went on, keeping me stuck in a deadly and vicious cycle, had I not come out of this, I probably would not be here writing this article, that's how damaging this way of thinking can and will be. Friends, we have to believe we are here for an individual, and unique purpose, we are not all the same, why would we label it that way, ''oh I'm no different than those struggling, I'm just another ordinary person trying to make ends meet, this is as good as it gets'' LABELED! When I see myself nowadays, the words GREATNESS, TALENTED, GIFTED, HEALTHY, GOOD LOOKING, BLESSED, AND SUCCESSFUL,because of all of this, and my inner being thrives inside of me, pointing me towards opportunities, miracles,and endless abundance, and I'm not speaking about money, this goes beyond paper with deceased presidents on it, no, this my friends is about who I really am, the true value I place is on me, not things outside of me, at first it was the outer things, and I love having the nice stuff, but none of the ''stuff'' has greater value than me. This was a hard lesson to learn on my path to awakening, but for true wealth to come into our lives we must recognize our true values, gifts, talents, and potentials, and ''THEN'' the money will naturally follow guaranteed,and any other way will just lead to unfulfillment and unhappiness, no matter how many things you aquire. As you are reading this, you are unique, you posess a talent no one else has, your purpose is to tap into, and to rise up and use this gift to live a happy and fulfilling life, it is YOUR purpose, you posess something nobody else has, and it contributes to a greater plan in this generation, a piece of the puzzle if you will, but you must first unlock the greatness that's within you, as you do so you will have a new label...VICTOR! Once you make a conscious decision to change the label on yourself, not only will your inner being have your back, law of attraction will bring about the circumstances you'll need to succeed, and a shift occurs within you in due time, then your outer reality will reflect your new label as you become unstoppable! I shall return!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A purging

Good morning readers!, If you've visited my posts over the past few years there are a few articles discussing chemicalization/spiritual detoxing. This occurs when we are letting go of the ego-self while moving towards higher consciousness, and these ''spiritual purges'' can get right down ugly. Since the beginning of my journey I've underwent several of these spiritual detox days, and after having an incredible vortex allignment week, I awoke yesterday morning with the worst one yet, lightworkers may know this as the dark night of the soul, some, to a varying degree may not go through this, but rest assured, if you are on the path into higher consciousness, and before that lived in fear and negativity, there is no way around this, you must go through this. As bleak as this sounds, I wish to describe what has and IS happening to me, and how I'm coping with it, and maybe help those going through this, keep in mind, as it is a very lonely feeling place, you are never alone, this is crucial! Our ego will fight to the very end to hold on to old beliefs and thinking, using every trick in the book to convince us it's safer to remain where we are, but these are false beliefs that we accumulated through life, which, no longer serve us moving into higher consciousness. It felt, yesterday, like my whole world was crumbling down, the emotions were like depression on steroids, hoplessness and despair were tenfold, I felt I needed to find a rock to crawl under until this would pass, wave after wave of despair was coming over me, I felt so powerless, the more I fought it, the worse it became, how could I be so blindsided by this after a week in my vortex?, at that point I tried to focus on the things I wanted, no dice!, then I focused on doing something else to distract or cover up this feeling of despair, not happening, nothing, I mean nothing could bring me out of this, so I had no choice but to curl up and ride these awful emotions out. As these emotions intensified it became clear to me I was in a lonely and desolate place, that no one or no thing could get me out of, no hope, it was like being in purgatory waiting, and waiting, for any small amount of relief! Sounds scary does'nt it? I mean who in their right mind would want to endure this?, now what if I was to say this is a blessing in disguise?, that as bad as it can be, you come out more powerful than ever? I thought these pesky detoxes were mostly behind me, I had been surfing the waves of bliss and then got attacked by a shark, getting severely wounded in the process! As of now I'm recovering, lucky for me this one's short lived, but in some cases these ''dark nights'' can last days, months, even years, I kid you not, it's a part of dissolving the ego and it's false ideas about who we really are, this readers is spiritual battle 101! Now, how am I overcoming this?, well not easily, but the important thing is again, to remember you are not alone, but you may seek isolation or solitude during the detoxing, and you just can't talk to anyone about this if they have not gone through it themselves, most would mistake it for classic clinical depression, urging you to get help. For me, I tell myself it will pass, and even when the darkest thoughts arise, I tell myself I love and forgive myself, that it's only part of the process of letting go of those deeply ingrained beliefs, the ones that hurt the most, and yes, I must feel these moments of despair intensly so I can finally release them, supressing or covering them up just will not do, they'll just re-surface again and again until they are released, and the sooner the better! What we need to understand is we cannot know the light without embracing the darkness, and most of my life I have lived in the darkness, but it has never felt this intense, it was every dark moment in my life concentrated, brought to the surface all at once, to finally release and there may be more, I hope not but if it happens again I know I'll overcome it. It DOES get easier and better believe me, I just had no idea these deeply ingrained beliefs were still inside me, my whole body ached and trembled, it was like some kind of flu, when it started hurting I felt like it was'nt going to end, like it was the end for me, I sort of felt betrayed, not the case!, and as of writing this, I'm bouncing back quickly, which is truly a miracle to me as opposed to yesterday. As I went about my day earlier, I witnessed miracles and syncronicities as if the spiritual detoxing never took place and a message from my guides that all was good, a total one eighty! Readers, I am proof that this ''dark night of the soul'' cannot knock us down but empower us even more, just be kind and gentle to your self and your ego-self,and it will pass I promise. BACK SOON.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Good morning weekend warriors, most of you are probably breathing a sigh of relief apon awakening this morning, no work today, yes! Now would'nt it feel nice to feel this kind of relief everyday?, like everyday is a weekend?, some of us have families, which require jobs and housing, which, require jobs to pay for housing. For myself, I have not held a regular job since January 2011, I know, I know, some words may come up as loser, moocher, hopelessness, or just giving up on life, we are conditioned to believe that no job means no survival, no house, no food! So how have I managed to survive in these past few years without a job or income?, believe me, this has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in all my life, letting go of control, but it has paid off immensely, and my trust in the laws of belief have grown leaps and bounds. At this point source has taken good care of me, providing me with everything I need at the right times, I just know at a deep level that everything is working out and going just as planned as long as I get out of my own way, and let the universe deliver accordingly. This level of trust and faith is the hardest obstacle of the laws of attraction, getting to this place requires alot of letting go, and did I mention patience?, yes I did, and we as humans don't have alot of that!, with so much contrast and lesson after lesson to be learned, perseverence is the big pay off here, even when the circumstances are stacked up against us, we may be fighting the currents of life, paddling upstream, trying to control outcomes out of fear and worry, that we must avoid an outcome we don't want, creating that very outcome, a perpetual cycle that can repeat itself over and over until we scream ''I can't take this any more!, something has to change''and that's a good start. After a few years of going through this myself, I'm letting go of my oars and my kayak is going downstream ''with'' the current, and when I feel the slightest tinge of resistance, I come correct on my thinking and turn back downstream, and let in the flow of life, allowing, and alligning to all that's wanted in my current reality. It' hard yet easy, either way, practice is paramount to success, and more importantly happiness. What I write about here is no matter what the outside circumstances may present, we must get happy and turn our feelings back downstream, for this to work for me, I just constantly focus on what I want, and when I'm there,[sucked back into my vortex]I just flow and care less about anything, including desires. I am finding that having a job with a steady income will not make me happy, why would I let others decide what I'm worth or how much money I can make?, instead, I choose to do what I love, enjoy my life now!, work environments to me are toxic, most people who make a substantial income still are'nt happy, and because of this, they make co-workers and their families just as miserable, this is also true of management and those in charge of companies, they bring their jobs home in the form of stress and worry. Things are changing in the workforce, and not for the better, with this broken old system, it's harder to get ahead working for someone else, making most even more miserable in the work place! Now the light at the end of the tunnel, we can change that, we can take back our power, along with our self value, lead instead of follow, be the innovators of this new era, the window of opportunity is opening in this new age, and there has never been a better time! As for me, I am not a quitter, sure I'm unemployed, but I'ts the best decision I've ever made in my life, and as tough as it was, I'm seeing HUGE rewards in the form of self value and financial abundance. Let go of the oars and join me downstream! P.S. sorry for the ramble!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

When your there

Good evening Co-creators and practitioneers of deliberate creation! I write this post as a reminder that where we want to be is as simple as already being there. When you are no longer concerned about desires, when or how they come, your already there, when you have dissolved every ounce of resistance, your already there, when all your thoughts are directed towards what is wanted, your already there, and above everything else, when you make the conscious decision to put your happiness ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!, your already there, you see, being happy is ''being'' period! it becomes your dominant feeling, then after some time a shift will occur, then it is no longer about desires or things, they will no longer matter, why?, because your already there! However, they still come anyway, because when this shift occurs, you are alligned to everything you want! You will know when this shift happens, you will feel it in your being, it feels relaxed, relieved, and peaceful, as this shift occurs from within, your outer reality will begin to reflect that which has transformed within, in the form of opportunities, circumstances, and tons of syncronistic events. As we continue to hold our good feelings longer and longer, day after day, week after week, we will begin a shift towards feeling good our dominant vibration, and the good stuff comes pouring in! MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Good evening all, depending on our age, we can somewhat go back to memory lane and recall our youth, I can even recall some times when I was five years old, but before that age I'd have to get with mom and reach for the family photo album for recollection.It is believed some have the gift to even remember the embryo stage of their lives, recalling before birth, whether that's true or not, one thing I'm beginning to understand is that before we were born, a life path was already planned for us, a life's purpose if you will, and the cycle repeats itself until we correct our past life karma's, it's as if we have several lifetimes to ''get it right'', to fulfill our purpose so we can move on. I've always wondered and was curious about re-incarnation, in a way I believe in this subject, although I've never researched it thoroughly, but since this awakening my curiosity has been stirred once again, and it's as if something's nagging me to investigate further. This makes so much sense because I'm doing spiritual work, and it seems as time passes questions will be answered, in their own time of course. It all seems like a grand design, perfect yes, even though we may not get there in this lifetime, we may have a shot at another lifetime to get it right, could this be so?, interesting subject, and I will post more in the near future as I learn more about this interesting concept, stay tuned!

Age of ignorance vs age of wisdom

Happy Holidays to everyone, thanks for stopping by for a visit to view these posts. I'm still undergoing the transformation stage at this time, so emotionally I'm all over the place, if this is happening to some of you take comfort, grand things are unfolding, even though chaotic things can manifest internally, it's a good sign progress is made. The subject!, it does'nt take an expert to notice all the B.S. that's happening in this country and the planet as a whole, and I won't go into too much detail as it does'nt help to focus on what's wrong in the world, but one cannot escape the fact that the old system is failing, greed is out of control, livelyhoods are being stolen right from under good honest people, and polarization is the new norm in the USA, the system is failing and those who run it are in it for personal gain. Without pointing fingers here, we are constantly told how important our votes are, how's that working for us?, but the bigger question is why do so many put their faith and hope into something that's not only failed again and again, but has no concern for the welfare of the general population, that's designed to take rather than give, to destroy the environment for financial gain, to ship jobs over seas for greater profits, to control and privatize and regulate everything,that so very little can reach the 99 percent that's moving towards poverty, when is enough, enough? First off, I'm not going to start a revolt, or take to the streets ready to riot, personally, to me, it solves nothing, that's resistance, and what we resist, persists, when ever has there been a revolt or riot where more people don't get hurt or killed?, it does'nt solve anything, it just escalates the violence even more. So one would ask how much longer can a failing system sustain itself?, it won't and it can't, and believe it or not the solution lies within every one of us, and the shift I've spoke of a few posts ago relates to what's happening with the current global system, and it's collapsing in of itself. You see the shift is'nt just planetary in nature it's collective consciousness as a whole, everything and everyone is involved, remember, we are ALL connected, the planet and collective consciousness are about to release all of it's toxins that has poisoned it [man made] through the last century, our planet is sick and it's about to begin the healing phase, and unfortunately it ain't gonna be pretty, It may even get downright catastrophic at times, sending us warning after warning to get our acts together, that if we don't change things collectively, they will get much worse, we need to take care of our planet now, clean it up if you will, this is our window of opportunity, we CANNOT afford to blow this one folks, everything is riding on this one, the wake up call is happening, and with awareness growing so comes a new age of wisdom, once this knowledge is gained it can be used to awaken the planet and solve it's problems one person at a time, and believe me one person can make a HUGE difference, Lightworkers reading this post may know what I'm writing about, just ONE person envisioning a solution makes a HUGE impact, vs a person who is focused on the problems of the planet, and we know focusing on the problems only expands them, serving no purpose. I understand we have domestic issues, mortgages, jobs, friends and families to tend to, but as I write this post I am reminded of the bigger picture, and how small our problems are in comparison to the big changes that are occuring on the planet and collective consciousness as a whole, I have personally witnessed the shift, and it's no coincidence that this has occured shortly after I began my journey to new awareness three and a half years ago, this much I KNOW! I am by no means preaching the gloom and doom gospel that so many are doing now, spreading fear makes people powerless, no, instead I'm telling the people to ''TAKE BACK'' their power, and use it to envision a solution, to pave a new path to a better world, one person at a time. Thank you all!