Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Final clean

Good morning viewers,[sigh of relief] fall is here and things are beginning to cool down here in Southern California after a long hot grueling and humid summer. As most of this past summer was spent working on my alignment I can finally say [with another sigh of relief] that this stage of deliberate manifestation is over, but what now? It's time to clear up any residual resistance that's left in my vibration, the alignment process is over now and I've moved past wanting anymore desires, I've already created everything I want, so what's more important than anything else is moving into the stream of the flow, I've dealt with SO much resistance during the allowing process that the only thing that matters now is being IN the flow. Resistance is a bad habit I've decided to kick like a smoker who quits smoking, it just doesn't work for me anymore and life is a hell of a lot easier because of it. To me this is a natural part of the process, eventually we just decide that NOTHING is more important than our happiness and well-being, so we toss the oars and head downstream, and what happens after that is astounding! we allow all that stuff we were aligning to into our experience, and at this point we don't care when it shows up because we're too busy being in the flow, and we'll hardly notice them showing up until after they've shown up! If anyone reading this post has been working diligently aligning to manifest your desire, and nothing has happened, despite the fact that you KNOW you're aligned, it just means that your alignment work is done and it's time to ''release'' any resistance that's left regarding your desire, some call this releasing the desire, but that automatically happens when you release your resistance to it, it feels like ''no big deal'' any more. Now you can receive what you want, and as long as you stay in your flow and harbor no resistance, it has no choice but to seek you, and manifest in the perfect timing! That's it for now, in the coming posts I will discuss more on the topic of moving into and staying in the flow and the benefits reaped. Until again

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When you're on track

Hello friends of reality creation!, I wanted to do something different on this post, I've covered the subject of keeping score on our progress a few posts back, and how we will try to get a sneak peak from the Universe to validate our desires coming, by becoming impatient and/or attached to the outcome. When we are looking for proof, we are attracting more proof to look for, and then we begin to think everything we see is a sign from the Universe, and then confusion sets in, attracting more to be confused about. When we're not looking for validation constantly, the Universe will make sure we get the message when we're not looking for it, even surprising us with amazing signs and synchronicities, showing us that the desire is being taken care of. It's funny how we begin to lose faith and then poof!, something related to our desire is shown to us, a sign that it's coming, and then we breathe a sigh of relief until we lose faith again a week later, looking for more evidence. While this scatters our energy and even slows the manifestation there is a way around this obstacle, we can, once and for all, know we're on track simply by how we feel, and while seeing signs of our desires gets us excited, we'll tend to keep looking for them and there is a degree of attachment here. As they WILL show up and sometimes in clusters, we should just see them with a calm and relaxed feeling and say to ourselves ''yes, that's mine, and it's coming'' because that's the point here, to remind you that your intention WILL manifest! Even though vibrational matches can pop up here and there related to your desires, the real way to tell if you're on track is by how you are feeling when you see them, if you're longing for them you're feeling the absence of them, even though the evidence is right in front of you, but if you're feeling relaxed and confident when you see them, you're right on track!, they're coming and you need not worry.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Make the feeling the manifestation

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting this blog site, I wish success upon you all on your manifesting journey! Wow, there has been a huge transition period for me these past few weeks, and even though these past four and a half years has seemed to be somewhat of a backwards approach on reality creation, it's taught me valuable lessons, fine tuned my alignment, and has put all my attachments behind regarding the things I've intended. Although what I'm about to write may seem somewhat a paradox, you may be asking this question, [''if I make the feeling of what I want the manifestation, is that all I will get, the feeling and not the actual manifestation?''] and a legit question this is, after we have ''lived'' our desires, through visualizations, affirmations, and those joyous feelings of already having them, which is essential to this practice, we tend to keep doing these things until the desired result is realized, but in this way we may become attached to the outcome. When doing all the vibration/ energy work we could expect a certain outcome, we may grow impatient, we feel that the more we do, the faster it comes, and because of this, we may expect it to come about a certain way. As painful as it may seem, sooner or later we must ''release'' our desires, we can get too caught up and trying much too hard by thinking that we've got to keep putting more and more energy into our desires to manifest them, or they won't show up, we've already felt the excitement, the elation, the anticipation, we've become a vibrational match countless times! As I've written a few posts back, when you think and feel as if your desire is of no big deal to you anymore, you're there, you are allowing it into your physical reality. When a desire feels normal to you, you no longer have any resistance to it, it feels no different to you than having your daily cup of coffee, and that is what usually happens when you release a desire, on the other hand if you're still focused on the lack of it, or worried about how it will manifest, you've still got some limiting beliefs to uncover and release. When we make the feeling the manifestation of what we want, we detach from the outcome, then the physical manifestation follows, I have learned that the creation process should be more fun than the manifestation itself, and I'm beginning to understand this. I will write more on this topic in future posts, until again!