Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's all good!

Well being fellow readers, post number 54 here, and it's kind of a comforting reminder to all of us that even though we're cruising through life feeling good, disappointments can still blindside us, that's just how life is, however, how we percieve and handle them is paramount to our overall success in mind mastery. Last week for example, there were a couple of days where I was in a place I just did'nt want to be, along with situation and circumstance, it almost sent me on a downward spiral, and as hard as I tried to stay positive, I could'nt help but notice the discomfort, which was creating alot of resistance, I was rollercoasting hard those two days.  In past posts I spoke of vibrational matches we get when we focus on what desires we wish to fulfill, usually they show up when we feel good and are alligned to them, it's basically syncronicity, our higher selves telling us we're heading towards what we want, but what if we're headed in the opposite direction?, away from what we want?, after a few years of building a close relationship to my authentic self, the spirit self, and alligning to my true purpose, I'll get messages {signs} that I need to shift my emotions, it's amazing when this happens, and usually I heed these messages, for example, on those two days of feeling sort of down, a car with a license plate would  read ''it's all good'',  the next day another different car, same license plate, the same message, ''it's all good'', even when I was a little ''off'' emotionally, the universe was telling me that even despite my perception of things not so well, I was still on track, later that day another unfavorable circumstance arises, I feel myself once again slipping, by the way, all these things occured while I was driving, then, in front of me, a handyman's pickup with a logo that read ''fix it now'', these are not mere coincidences, some may disregard them as so. What this  to me is, our higher selves will always let us know when we slip, there IS no such thing as coincidences, everything will happen for a reason!  So often we are sent subtle messages only to explain them away as nothing to bother with, our spirit's are always trying to lead us to fulfillment and happiness but we let life lead us, and usually it is the difficult way instead of the effortless way that our higher self knows it to be. As I've had some let downs in these past few years, I've begun to see them as lessons, lessons in life as you will, to keep moving and find your joy no matter what!  I feel very blessed to have a special connection to the source energy, I'm supported and backed by the most powerful force, one that is unfailing, one that does everything in it's power to give me what I want, and it works every time without fail! So here's my message, develope a relationship to your spirit, get to know it, become it, after all, your spirit IS you, your spirit IS your unlimited potential,and it will guide you to fulfillment of anything you desire, it's your co-pilot to abundance and prosperity! We are, as the saying goes, spiritual beings living a human experience, once we realize this, we've already taken a big step!  My next posting will cover the importance of ''being'' in the now, stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Master of destiny

What is a master of destiny?    A master of destiny will master their thinking, towards positive outcome, therefore  mastering their emotions.  A master of destiny is aware that they themselves, are responsible for all outcomes in their life.  A master of destiny will always count their blessings despite what outside circumstances ''appear'' to be.  A master of destiny treats others as they, in turn, wish to be treated.  A master of destiny KNOWS what they want and trusts in universal laws KNOWING that what they desire has already been given.  A master of destiny lives by no fear, but instead embraces their true power to break past all fear and obstacles, knowing each setback is a lesson to grow even stronger.  A master of destiny masters wealth consciousness, realizing prosperity is their birthright, and money has no power over them, that their ''value'' is their true power.  A master of destiny will master manifestation from a spiritual nature, allowing their ''higher self'' to lead them to fulfillment, not forcing the process of manifestation which creates resistance.  A master of destiny is aware of the function of their ''supersystem'', therefore lives for health and vitality, joy and bliss, and becomes harmonious in perfect health. A master of destiny will always seek expansion, truth and awareness, knowing it to be a lifelong journey, and never complete until reunited back  into spiritual form, the authentic self.    We are all masters of our own destiny!     Until next time!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I ''surrender''

Greetings and well being readers, in past posts I've covered topics about detachment and letting go, but today I'm going a little deeper on the practice of surrender. When we think of surrender we associate it with giving up, this giving up is usually tied in with negative emotions, for example, ''I give up, I can't take it anymore!'', or ''this is'nt working for me, I'm done!'' These examples are not surrendering, most think that surrender is giving up power, it's quite the opposite actually, surrender is, in itself, a very powerful experience, as well as a liberating experience. Here is surrendering in a spiritual nutshell, because I've practiced and experienced this firsthand lately, and I have found that surrender cannot just happen, it has to be applied first, by detachment and letting go, we open ourselves up to surrender, at first it seems hard to do, we give up control completely, handing it all to source energy, and if we can practice and learn surrender, the rewards are astronomical!  I believe there comes a time in the journey of conscious creation that at a point we've done all the work we can do, I'm experiencing this now myself.  At the beginning my work was cut out for me, finding, recognizing, and clearing limiting beliefs, visualizing the desire achieved, alligning to my higher self, monitering my thoughts, detaching from the outcome, letting go, and doing all  the tecniques to maintain self mastery over my emotions. After all this, two and a half years later I hit a big wall, ''now what?'' I asked myself, at that point I felt like giving up, I could'nt understand,  was this what all this has come to?, so I waited for manifestation, thinking it was the next logical step, and that's just what happened, waiting, then frustrstion came in, and it grew to anger, before I knew it, I had felt like I'd backstepped two years, but at the same time my beliefs were ripe for allignment for what I wanted, and manifestations were still popping up. So I'm REALLY at a cross road, looking for clarity, but not getting it, then two days later it hit me, walking on the nature trail, I had detached, the best I could,  I practiced letting go, or so I thought, but did I?, if  I'd  really let go why am I at this cross road?, because even though I thought I'd let go I really had'nt, or I would'nt be at this cross road. There were days where I could let go more than others, was it enough?, obviously not, and I be'lieve source was trying to teach me something very valuable here, as painful as it was I finally spilled it out, ''that's it, I surrender, I relenquish control, I'm handing it all over to my higher self'', you see, I've done all the work, and I was still holding on, thinking I had to keep working towards manifesting the BIG stuff, but when actually my work was done, it was a slap on the back of my head from source energy, '' stop, you are good now, let me deliver your big stuff now.''
True surrender is a feeling like nothing else, it feels awesome!, it's trust ten fold, it's relief, it's liberation, it's KNOWING, it's feeling connected to all that is, best yet, it's knowing that no matter what, everything will work out, no matter what's happening outside of us, surrender is total belief in the unseen,  it's knowing things are happening behind the scenes, and we all get what we want! I will touch more on surrender in future posts as I learn more of this practice.       Back soon!