Sunday, March 20, 2016


I wish to take some time to thank all of you, out there, who follow this blog site, when I began blogging in October 2011 I didn't think I'd still be blogging to this day, well, maybe, but who knows, yet here I still am, blogging! I've been really busy lately, [that life getting in the way thing] but I've recharged my batteries and I've got a whole lot of stuff to get out, [self expression] and some really good writing is in the pipeline. I am a writer by self expression but the thing is I don't want to write about what everyone else is writing about, there is too much stuff out there all things self development, it's just too confusing, why can't we develop ourselves in our own way and at our own pace? There are no set rules here friends when it comes to life and reality creation, just set it [desire] and forget it [let go] and follow your joy. This is an underground blog site, it is not mainstream because I am not a mainstream type of person, there's too much of that out there already in the blog sphere and like I mentioned above, it just creates a lot of confusion. I've thought about expanding my blog site to a full on web site but it's already doing what it needs to do on it's own, so why work when I can enjoy, [meaning do what I enjoy while expressing myself] as of now I've been re-inspired, so more amazing articles are looming! I am beyond grateful for all of you for following and stopping by so stay [tuned] viewed, I'm just scratching the surface.

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