Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Conscious creation is a lifestyle, not something we can ''use'' at our own convenience, the reason is obvious, the Universal laws are always in operation and we are always creating our reality/experience by what we think and how we feel, by the way good morning and well being to you all. I'm a very rational minded person, ever since I've discovered the Universal law of attraction almost six years ago, I've tried many times to wrap my mind around how these laws actually operate, how I could make them work for me the quickest way possible, and get what I wanted in the easiest manner with little to no effort. This IS a process and trying to connect the dots before you reach your destination is a futile approach, no, only when you've already reached your goal will you be able to see how everything came together as well as understand why it all fell into place the way it actually did. At the stage I am in now, I'm getting a better understanding of how things work and my mind is beginning to wrap around the concept of reality creation but only on MY part, not on the part of Universal intelligence, what I mean is that it's only my job to maintain my alignment and be constantly aware of what I am thinking and feeling, I need to place my dominant focus on what I want and avoid focusing on anything unwanted, this has become a no brainer for me and second nature so I'm developing into a person who no longer has to make the ''effort'' to always focus on the positive to maintain alignment, it naturally happens on auto-pilot and the next phase is effortless creation. You see, most of our lives we run on auto-pilot and we are always creating our own realities, it's just that we're running on the wrong auto-pilot, the negative side of it, you know the stress and worries and the constant struggle to ''avoid'' future outcomes that more than likely won't even happen? We get what we constantly think about, because what we constantly think about we form a belief around, after the belief is formed we begin to ''expect'' a certain outcome, we get what we expect and unfortunately most people are expecting the worst to happen. The good news is that we can ''ALWAYS'' turn things around, we have the personal power to mold our world any way we choose, we are the creators! My personal experience these past few weeks is as follows, I've undergone some more ''releasing'' and it came with some heavy bouts of contrast, last week it got pretty nasty but after things settled I came out on the other side shifting some beliefs, an added bonus is I've learned to appreciate the contrast like never before and use it as an opportunity to shift my focus on where I prefer to go energetically, this one experience alone has yielded amazing and powerful results, I'm learning that contrast is a powerful way to communicate to the universe what our strongest desires are, and contrast serves us to gain much more clarity, yes it feels bad but it really IS helping us get what we want, it really is! I'm also getting the gist of the role of contrast and how it ties in with shifting beliefs, but trying to explain this is difficult at this time. There were times during the past six months where I'd think that I've cleaned up my energy and shifted some major beliefs only to discover I hadn't due to more contrast showing up and blind siding me, demanding more clarity, I've discovered that the best route to take during these times was to allow it to be what it is [contrast/resistance] and just try and reach for the feeling of relief whenever possible, to fight the old ideas and limited beliefs would have given them more power to stick around even longer so I had to be gentle with myself during this difficulty. It is important to understand that once we decide that we really want something there is no going back, we will have to face ''ourselves'' and do all the necessary clearing to allow ourselves to physically possess what it is that we truly want, whatever it is, we have already expanded into it, it's already done and we cannot avoid it, we will have to clear a path of least resistance to receive what we want, the stronger the desire, the more contrast, the more contrast, the stronger the desire, [as long as we don't give up] the stronger the desire, the more added clarity, the process continues until the resistance is dissolved [limited beliefs] then we can allow what we want to come into our physical reality. It could be that I'm repeating what I've already written so many times, but repetition is key for success with reality creation and let me just close this post by bringing this one message home to roost, we create our reality and we can have ANYTHING we want if we want it badly enough, the catch is we cannot want something badly while believing we will never have it, we must want it badly enough knowing that we ''WILL'' have it beyond belief, and be willing to stay the course on the path to manifestation despite the contrast and resistance and never giving up no matter how ugly it gets, in the end we will win and that's guaranteed!

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