Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Good morning, thank you all for popping in for a view, this is just one of many blog sites on the topic of conscious creation but let me assure you that there are none quite like this one, what I do here is draw everything from personal experience and if I've learned something it's paid forward to you the viewers, who happen to stop by and as well, interested in the subject of deliberate creation and wish to implement it into your/their own lives. It's very important to understand that no one person's way of learning about and practicing reality creation are the same, this is because we all have different preferences, intents, and desires, this is not a one size fits all practice, each individual journey is different and that is why we must navigate this journey our own way, finding our niche, and try hard not to follow anyone else's advice on how we ''should'' practice conscious creation, this IS a personal journey. Okay, that aside, let's delve into my topic about thoughts, thoughts alone do very little by themselves and we have far too many to keep track of on a daily basis, thoughts with focus however tend to attract more of the same, more matching thoughts, so the longer the thought the more the focus, now emotions come in, the longer the thought and the more focus behind the thought the more the emotions begin to come into play, the more often those thoughts with focus and emotions are revisited the more belief and perceptions/expectations are formed around them, then your physical reality begins to mirror these beliefs and perceptions back to you via circumstances wanted or unwanted. That was long! A belief as we all know is just a repeated thought over a long period of time, everything in reality creation begins with a thought so it is critical that our dominant thoughts are geared towards what is preferred instead of what is not. In my own experience I'm learning to be very vigilant with my thoughts and at first it can seem like a big task monitoring your ''thousands'' of daily thoughts, thankfully though, we don't need to do this, a random worrisome thought here and there isn't anything to fret about as far as creating our reality goes as it is our DOMINANT thoughts that are creating our reality, or better understood, our emotions behind those dominant thoughts. Here's the kicker, if our dominant thoughts are negative our real life experience will reflect those thoughts through people and circumstances until we change our thinking and focus more towards the positive, then we can begin to see more positive experiences but it is important that we change our perception of how things really work and that will require shifting our beliefs so that we are dominantly thinking in an aligned state. It's quite opposite with most in society and most unfortunate as well that people are too quick to judge when something goes wrong and defend as well as justify their victim mentality, through their own perception and their dominant negative thinking they are always expectant of the worst case scenario and that's exactly what they get, they are unaware that they alone create their reality so where does that leave their perception?, towards the negative of course, they THINK and assume before they perceive and base their lives on outside circumstances, they are creating their reality by default. Changing our perception is changing our beliefs or vise-versa, when we know beyond belief that we and ONLY we are responsible for creating our reality our perception begins to shift as well as our thinking, add to that our increasing awareness which will be vital in helping us to focus on thoughts that are more geared towards our preferred reality, believe it or not this is how we are all meant to live, deliberately, we're supposed to always get what we want, that's why we are here, to be conscious creators, it is our BIRTHRIGHT! All ideas stem from thought, desires, intentions, they all begin with a thought, we are creating our realities every second and most are unaware of this truth and they wonder why everything is always going wrong in their lives, if they would just perceive things differently towards the preferred, just a little bit, they would notice some improvement. Our dominant thoughts play a major role in how we create our reality, what we are thinking we are feeling, what we are feeling we are believing, and what we are believing we are expecting, and finally what we are expecting we are getting, being diligent with our thinking is vital in reality creation, at first we'll want to be dominantly focused on what we want, after some time when beliefs and perceptions are shifting, our dominant focus/thoughts will lean more towards positive expectation, meaning that what we desire has already come to pass despite what physical reality is telling us, this is where our train of thought must be dominantly to allow physical manifestation.

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